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A saffron plant grows in a very large, green growing pot (like a banana pot) in a warm area, in a soil that tends toward acidic, although it is not very acidic itself. It grows very tall and heavy.

A few leaves have long branches, others have narrow branches like saffron flowers and others have none. It’s all based on whether the plant prefers to grow in a leafy form or a tall tree form.

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A saffron plant usually looks like this.

A small saffron plant is a little shorter than a large saffron plant (which is shorter than a large cactus plant).

If you’ve read our article on planting saffron in the yard, you know that you don’t have to worry about planting it where it will grow. There is no risk of plant resistance or loss of fertility from seed. It does, however, need to be planted under the right conditions.

The two most important conditions to plant saffron in are (1) sun light and (2) soil that is a little more alkaline than typical soil. The acidity of the soil will help it take up and hold minerals.

What kind of saffron is popular in India?

India is a huge country with a rich cultural and culinary heritage. The main flavor of Indian food is that of saffron, so saffron is commonly grown for its culinary purposes.

Why use saffron?

You should use saffron as a decorative plant for your home or garden. It’s a wonderful and natural ingredient for dishes like paneer (chana masala) made from a plant, a spice, and a spice paste; chai; and curry.

There are many ways to cook with saffron. But the most popular way to cook with saffron is in salads.

Also, saffron is a staple ingredient in many Indian sweets – the most popular is saag dosa.

Is the color white like saffron seed? Is it translucent?

The actual color of saffron depends on the chemical makeup of the saffron seeds, but once it is picked and cleaned, the color is often very similar to saffron seed.

What is the difference between dry saffron and fresh saffron?

The dried form of saffron is not a color-changing oil but instead has a

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