What is the highest quality saffron? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Texas

The most important question when selecting a saffron variety is how much saffron is added to the plant. This will vary according to the variety, but standard measures such as weight are acceptable. The more saffron the plant is cultivated with, the higher the quality of the resulting flowers. The lower the amount of saffron, the higher the quality.

The best saffron comes in fresh flower form. Dry saffron flowers are not very pleasant to eat.

Is the plant cold-hardy? Most plants are cold-hardy when kept out of direct sun. The variety that you select should be kept in room temperature. Some varieties require some degree of heat in order to keep.

What is the best temperature for saffron flowers? The temperature where the flowers will be most attractive can be anywhere from 35-50º F (2-5º C)

What does saffron taste like? A good saffron taste varies greatly depending on the exact variety of saffron. The best taste will be in the very mild flavors on the skin – the skin, and the flesh of the flower.

Where can I get my saffron? If you are looking for the best place to buy saffron flowers, please visit our section on buying saffrons. If you would like to buy or make saffron flowers, the largest online distributor in Canada is Saffron Canada Ltd..

Is there a difference in the quality of saffron flowers in different countries? No, there is no difference. The color of the flower depends on the location of where the plant was grown and the climate/climate. The best flowers grown in Ontario or Quebec are known as “Pipelines”.

Can I take saffron seeds home? Yes, saffron seeds should be planted the same day they are received. This allows them to be watered before planting and keep the color and smell of the flower fresh for several weeks. Do not let the seeds germinate until fully grown. Seeds must remain wet and are not safe to carry in the freezer.

Does this plant do well in the garden? Yes, saffron plants are excellent in a garden, as are the many other types of rose. The flowers look beautiful in many different places.

What kind of flowers are best to use for saffron? The flowers should be arranged in many different types of arrangements. You should choose a rose flower that is

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