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There is a specific season for harvesting saffron. The dates that most varieties of saffron are suitable for harvesting are either the beginning or the middle of the Indian monsoon (summer, winter, summer, autumn, winter). So, for example, if the harvest is late in May or June, it may not be suitable for harvesting because the plants are too high yielding. If you know the harvest dates, you can check with your local agronomist. For more information, visit the International Commission for the Conservation of Rose Cereals, in India, or visit their website at www.rcs.org.

Can I wear saffron while I am in India?

Yes; as always, dress conservatively. However, when you arrive to the saffron fields you may see women wearing traditional saffron gowns. While these are traditionally reserved for wedding ceremonies, they are also worn by women on their way to work or for a picnic in the fields — or just generally to celebrate. The dress is not to be confused with a saffron wedding gown — which must be made of saffron. For more information about a traditional Indian wedding dress, click here.

So which areas in India do you love to travel through? Do you often check out different places?

Most times, I travel with a few bags for each country, so that I don’t lose any of them along the way. I also try to use my smartphone to share interesting photos from different parts of the world as I head across different regions — sometimes with just the one device, and sometimes with both a phone and a camera. Sometimes, it’s useful to take photos in areas that are outside of the national parks. As a rule of thumb, when I have to go by bus or train, I try to go one way.

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