Can you paint rustoleum over Krylon paint? – Spray Paint Art Videos Porfirio Jimenez Artist

I did and it looks amazing! Not sure where to buy it

My Krylon paint had a little bit of moisture stuck on it. What can we do about this

Krylon paint is really hard to clean off. Does anyone know what is best for cleaning it off, as there seems to more oil on the surface (my old Krylon used to have a coating of oil on it all the time…it’s hard to explain.

I had it cleaned and a can of Krylon Spray paint for $60 seemed like the perfect solution. My house is a 4 story condo and it’s nice and clean and I just don’t need the oil at all any more.

Do you find these things on eBay?

They are in the area of New York. I found three in the last week and they are in three different states.

I bought a can of Krylon Spray paint as well as the 3 of them and I’m hoping they last more than one season.

These things have no expiration date. They’re still perfect for an old-style apartment. I will be cleaning/polishing them out in the summer.

I hope you could tell me if these were “bad” or “okay” or just “good”.

The Krylon ones were really ok. They were more prone to chipping, but still not terrible. These are more like medium.

I bought one of these from a local store, and when it arrived I was told it wasn’t going to be around forever; I’d give it a year or so. I was surprised because I assumed the same would be the case for the 3 Krylon ones I had to buy. Anyway, it’s all been working for over a year now and I’m thinking, “wow, I hope those are good!”

Where does they come from again? Is there anything on eBay I should be looking for?

They come from TUL, which has been one of the most active suppliers of Krylon in the past for several years. There is a link to TUL’s website at – or if you’re looking for Krylon you should go there. They’re also still shipping these to the USA.

I’m assuming they’re “good”, because that’s what Krylon is. I don’t know what all I’m doing is helping to protect my furniture. That would be very “ok” in my book (

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