How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Flowers

You can spray paint and line up at any time. You can also use the “line” method. You can use two layers of paint, followed after the line by a layer of paint on top of the white layer. The result is a very neat line that doesn’t get lost in the line as easily.

Can you spray paint straight lines?

When you line up a straight line on a piece of glass to make the same level, you don’t have to line it up exactly the same way. You just line it up.

When you apply that line to a clear coat (this is for example on an old wall) that white line will start to fade to a darker shade. If you use two thin layers you can achieve the same effect.

How do you line a piece of glass between two pieces?

The easiest way to create that straight line between two pieces of glass is to paint the part where the line should start a second thin layer of white paint. In my demonstration I used a small brush dipped into some acrylic paint.

I then used a tiny screwdriver and pushed down the line I want to line up between the smaller pieces. When you spray the line you must pay attention to the area where the line will start. This can be a bit tricky during the initial spraying, for example the tip to each corner of the first layer must not touch the piece it’s to line up.

You can also use an old piece of pipe to line up these small areas. Take your time as these tips are rather simple and don’t give you a ton of control.

Can you make a nice clean line ?

You don’t want to put too much white on top, and the same with any dark line. You’ll only be able to make a nice clean, neat line if you make a few subtle changes.

When you line up a white line on a piece of glass it will start to fade. To correct this go back to the steps in the spray painting section and spray a little more of the white over the whole area. Again, the first layer with the line you want to line up is easier to make than the second one.

How do you line black glass?

To make black glass you have to paint over the part you want to line with a white layer. Once this is done the black glass line will begin to be white at the point where the line would normally be.

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