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What price will you charge with it? Will it last at home or in the field? The answers to those questions are important — and will depend on how well you know how to keep your paints safe.

I like to say that it’s not as good as it looks, but it works very well — and does a great job of protecting paint splatters. I’ve spent years teaching other people how to use it, and have become better at managing and protecting their paints. This article will show you how to keep your paints well protected.

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How much protection can the paint provide?

The paint is designed to protect the surface on which it’s applied. The only way to protect the paint is by doing whatever you can to keep it, or some of it, away from the surface. This is why I sometimes use my car as a test bed to find out what makes the paint work so well and how best to make this process much more effective.

Some of the ways to protect paint are described below.

1. Protect Against the Sun: If you are using the paint on a hot day, avoid touching it. When painting, heat is the biggest irritant to the paint. I know this can be difficult to understand. Sun, wind, heat, or rain; it all starts to chip the paint. Protect against these things the best you can.

2. Shield Paint Against Water: The paint is designed to reflect water away when you wipe it with your shirt and rag. In a wet paint job, you want to avoid using water to wash out the paint. If the paint is still wet, the sun can still get in and wash away much of the water-repelling properties.

3. Shield Paint Against Chemical Guys Chemicals: Some paint jobs may have been developed by chemical companies, which make certain chemicals used by chemical guys. Make sure you have all of the information you need to know about the chemicals to your paint. If the paint contains a chemical that you are avoiding, it probably won’t work well for other people at the same job.

4. Barrier Paint: Barrier paint is the most common application for spray paint. Barrier paint will protect the paint from scratches and scrapes without the need for protection against the sun or water. It also protects paints from drying out and will extend paint life. Barrier paint is used extensively in the automotive world. We don’t make it, but we have found that it works well for most commercial jobs.


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