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Is that what my spray can looks like?” I’ve used all kinds of spray paints until I hit the paint roller. When I first got the idea to spray paint, I thought it would be a great way to bring a fun and unique project to life. Since I couldn’t find Krylon spray paint, i looked for acrylic paints to build some of my wall art. A couple were out of my price range so it wasn’t a problem. After about a month of searching around, I saw this post in another forum about Krylon Spray Paint acrylic paints. I had heard great things, so I decided to give it a shot. In my experience, Krylon spray paint acrylic paints are a great paint to use as walls decor. I thought I’d share my results from building a wall. I’ll give a run down on all of the pieces I used for the picture below.
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First, I took my two-by-fours and laid them out in a rectangle that would fit over a hole in my garage door. Then I covered each of the squares with paint using a black paintbrush from Home Depot. Using an old black paint can and some duct tape, I covered up my holes in the door and left each piece completely blank. Then I covered the squares with Krylon spray paint. After painting the squares to a light-toned finish, I left the top, sides and sides of the squares untreated. Then I added the pieces with Krylon spray paint. You can see the process for making the wall, it’s a very simple process (you only need a white spray bottle and two of the black paint sticks).

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