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How can you avoid getting Krylon paint on your clothing? (1) No, your clothing may not be completely safe from Krylon paint, but you can help to remove the spray from it. (2) Krylon paint is extremely flaking in the air and easily absorbed by most fabrics. Krylon spray has a low flaking and absorption rate. (3) It is best to wear clothing made from fabrics that have relatively low absorption to reduce the risk of getting Krylon paint into your clothes.

For a list of fabrics and materials that can be easily cleansed by the addition of water and/or laundry detergent, click here.

How can you avoid getting Krylon paint?

To avoid Krylon paint on your clothing, always wash in cold setting so that it does not drip onto your clothing. Do it in an air tight container to keep it from soaking into the fabric. If you plan to use Krylon paints it is best to get them at the store. There is also a line of Krylon products that are free of chemical additives. Be sure to check with the store where you purchased it!

How can you avoid getting Krylon paint in your hair?

Krylon paint is not a hair color, and so you will not get Krylon colored hair if you apply it to your hair. If it comes between your strands, it is too coarse! Do not try to get it in you hair!

How can you avoid getting Krylon paint in your clothes?

Krylon paint is not a problem in the dryer, as long as it is on the inside and is not on the inside. If there is a line of Krylon paint and you have a line of clothes, try to pull it away from yourself. The point of paint is to prevent your clothes, you do not want paint on them.

Are Krylon paints safe to put on the inside of your body?

No, the inside of a person is not a suitable material for Krylon paint. Make sure the area is clean, then wash in cold setting.

Does Krylon paint stick to clothing?

No, the paint does not stick to the clothing. It will come off after a wash with water and/or a little laundry detergent.

Are Krylon paints bad to put on?

Krylon paint is not a very good thing to put in your eyes, ears, nose, nose and mouth. It is

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