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(I know this has been raised here by people before. So I’m not really going to comment here too much except to say I’m not quite sure what I am talking about and there is some confusion in the thread so I’m doing my best for clarification)

I am not completely sure what rustoleum is, but I have heard about it. I do not know if the same name can be used to classify it. When I read that all you need to put in to the mold is enamel, I felt it was the wrong type of rustoleum to put in the mold. I could be wrong though but it seems like a lot of people get confused and it should be clarified on what it is supposed to contain. Thanks.

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The European Court of Justice ruled today that the European Commission did not breach the rules on corporate social responsibility when it allowed American oil conglomerate ExxonMobil to continue to extract oil and gas from the Gulf of Mexico during a period in which it was the biggest contributor – and even the biggest purchaser – of natural gas for European power plants.

In a decision that could have enormous implications for European policy makers, the ECJ rejected the Commission’s argument that it had only “impeded” Exxon Mobil, rather than “prevented” it. The companies in question are Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Oil and the US-based ConocoPhillips.

But the outcome was hardly a surprise: The ECJ decision did much to legitimise a policy of “social impact” and “impact bonds” which are supposed to help poor countries build clean energy infrastructure without a penny being spent by multinational companies in local markets.

The decision comes just six weeks after a European Commission report published in June said that more than €500bn had been spent by the Commission over the last ten years on energy investments in developing countries that were not in the public light – despite their substantial contribution to EU public coffers.

The ECJ decision will now have some implications for the future of the European Commission as it begins to explore its options as Europe faces a growing energy crisis. Many have pointed out that the ECJ’s decision will undermine its attempts to implement a “social chapter” of the Kyoto Protocol and “social impact” bonds, which are currently being considered as part of the “energy union”.

“Our energy choices are limited to the gas which we do use as a by-product of extracting our petrol from fields near our coasts. But we

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