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There is a “flavor” that has the same color as each of the 8 colors. (If you’re not a color fanatic, you won’t want this option unless you actually use the fabric for something like a shirt collar, tie or scarf). However, this process is much faster if you go for a lighter color and then mix the dye with your yarn.

Why can’t I just wear the yarn while I’m wearing my fabric? You can do whatever you want with your yarn while it’s lying on the machine, but it will be heavier.

Are any of the colors available in the pattern? We only sell the orange and purple colorway, but can provide other colors. The pattern is not updated in the past few years so the yarn may be out of pattern. Also, this project will take around 4-5 hours to complete. If you can take any additional time in your schedule, let me know.

What if I want to make a special pattern for this shirt, like a wedding? I’d love to create a pattern with you. There are very limited supplies so we can’t provide anything too crazy, but I’d love to show our creativity.

Will you post to the Etsy store? Yes, we may make this available in the Etsy store at different prices, but we can’t guarantee it will show up there or in another Etsy seller’s shop.

Can I change anything about this shirt? We will change the style, we may alter the design, and we may add a button to the collar and some buttons down the front, but it will all remain the same as long as you give us credit. (To keep a clean appearance, please give us credit.)

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