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Any recommendations for the process for use? Montana MTN Colors - Water Based Spray Paint Mini Pack ...
I’d recommend a chemical detergent like Dawn, or some other type of detergent that can be boiled for a week.

And yes, it definitely works.

Thank you for all of your time and effort! It really has saved me in a number of situations where I would have tried to go for something on the dryer instead.


Mark from Australia

Thanks Mark I’ve done a full-length spray and even dried on a table top for a couple of days in a row. My dad got tired of my mess and asked how long the process would last on the wood.

Thanks Mark for the awesome info

Pierce from New Mexico


I’m using just a little bit of it at the moment and it’s been so helpful–the stain just does not stick to a stain when I apply it. My only complaint is that it seems to dry for longer than a normal coat. I’ll take a look to see if that’s a matter of the paint drying too fast or the chemical detergent drying off before I can even get to the water bath part.

Sherry G from Australia

I used to have a “grease gun” that would clean away the stains. This was my first experience with a liquid spray dye, because since then I’ve used lots of fabric. If you are worried about drying time in the water bath, it’s best to use a solvent. But just to give you an idea, I used about 5ml per 25 gm of fabric to get my desired level of stain. Now I see my stain is not disappearing as quickly as before. I’m only using 5ml (1/2 cup) with each coat of fabric/snowflake material I’m doing (about 20, at that). I’m waiting for my water to be at a good temperature before applying the dye. It may be that after using the dye I have to wait longer than usual before I can proceed to the next step. Or something is happening to the water during the day. The dye is the best solution I’ve found so far… thanks!

Marlon from Canada

Hi Mark, I tried it and I can tell it does work, and it did not leave a greasy feel like one would expect to see after using conventional dryers, and I don’t think that the stain is fading. I also used a 3% liquid paint (

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