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Graffiti tagging is a very popular art form in the street culture. To know the meanings of the different graffiti tags one would have to study the language of graffiti. However, one can always use this site to get a clear idea about the graffiti tags that people are painting on the streets.

One can see for example the tags:

Graffiti – Stolen Art-Downtown, Downtown, and the Streets


Graffiti tags – Street Art

Washed – White

Graffiti-Street Art

Urban Graffiti

All these tags are used as political statements about the current situation or the future of society. This kind of tags give some people a sense of belonging in a modern art form.

Graffiti is often used among young people and people with young kids in large cities, such as New York, New York City.
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Why graffiti?

To start with, graffiti is used by people to express their discontent with society, with the current world, or even with nature. In a graffiti tag one can express a thought.

These tags are also a way to express a feeling. For example, on the street they might write graffiti or graffiti graffiti. That is why it is a way to make a statement in any art form. It is quite common to find graffiti tags all over the streets where the graffiti is writing.

Most people will not paint their names or their pictures, for example, on a graffiti tag. So graffiti is used as a way to express something that is not expressed in the graffiti art form. Some graffiti tags are written in graffiti, so they are all quite unique.

People write graffiti on the street on the basis of the fact that it is a way to express something that they feel or express. It is a great way to express some feelings. One of the most popular graffiti tags in New York are the graffiti-downtown. As you can see on the picture below, there are several graffiti tags on the walls on New York streets depicting the downtown NYC.

Graffiti is an interesting art form, with a very artistic way of expressing, but it is not so useful to learn. The most common street art tags and slogans are only used as a way to make a political statement. These graffiti tags are also useful for children and families, who need to express their individuality.

So, how long does a graffiti tag last for?

Sometimes, graffiti tags last for a long time

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