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I want to be clear – the paint does not stick to the interior surface of the windshield frame or the inner part of the windshield (a.k.a. the back of the windshield or windshield frame). Spray paint is a surface which is extremely well bonded when dry (as in it is permanently adhered to the painted surface with no way of coming off/removal), and therefore it’s no problem if you spray it to protect something that is not visible to all, and if so you’ll just have to get it off later – that’s where the paint goes. If it does come off, you’ll have to sand. I don’t know why this doesn’t stop others who have sprayed it on, because if a small area of a piece of cloth is covered with the paint I would imagine this would leave scratches (although at this point you are probably asking where this scratches could be in most cases). I don’t see how you can protect a thing by spraying it on. I would strongly recommend against it. You can always paint over it later if need be…but once you’ve painted it, it’s done. Again – this is how you get to a “safe”.

Do I need to put this on over this?

There is no doubt that if you don’t have an area which is protected by the spray paint, then you will need to put some kind of protection (such as a windshield frame, windshield or back window) on it in place. Some paint will stick to it (the type of varnish), and the other will not. If you think it will stick to that, it will stick. I could not tell you how many times the spray paint used on windshield frames caused a hole in the windshield where the glass was supposed to be.

Is varnish waterproof?
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No! It is a wet compound, which is why you need to keep it dry (or wet). In some cases it can actually be made waterproof, just not the way you are thinking! The following is from the book ‘Varnish: A Formula For Safety’ by Bob Wiehe and is written with one of the common chemicals found around this area (Palladium and Nitrates are used in the manufacturing, so all of the information can be used to manufacture the varnish to be suitable if water or sand is ever found on a project – although the varnish has a different formula from this, and is in fact not water- or sand-soluble).

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