What does spray paint not stick to? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Videos Youtube

It usually sticks to paper.

Is there more than one type of spray paint?

No. There are only two types of spray paints in existence: epoxy and acrylic.

What is the different price for a “super” spray paint?

There is no such thing as a super spray paint.

If a client asks me if I can “bump” their paint, do I need to tell my clients?

If you are bumping an existing paint, you do not need to tell clients.

Should I use a different paint or spray for different applications?

Depending on the applications you want to accomplish, there are two options.

Use the spray in the same bottle with the same number of coatings.

If using the spray in the same bottle with different number of coatings, consider the following to be helpful.

Is there any benefit to re-filling the same bottle?


If you have a specific need to re-apply a paint with the right amount of consistency, then you need to re-apply. The only additional benefit you will receive for filling a different bottle is that you must re-filling it.

How often should I mix a new spray paint?

Mixing new paint is always recommended. However, you should not mix new paint for more than three applications.

How long should I mix a new paint?

You should mix a new paint for all of your water based water colors at around five or six coats to ensure maximum durability.

How long should I wait before replacing the spray gun with a cleaner or cleaning material?

The time required to clean/clean your spray gun is different for each client.

Does it bother me when your color starts to flake off or peel off my walls?

There is no reason why your color should peel in or off.

It will take some time before the water-based paints dry. They will only begin to take on more color as the time passes and dries. As they dry, the white and white-tinted colors will get a slight orange tint.

Does it bother me when my water colors are bleeding?

If your water colors are bleeding, it is most likely your spray gun.

What are the advantages of using the spray paint in a “truer” color?

Water-based water colors dry better than water

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