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In order to apply gesso spray, we must first remove the dirt on the skin. Some people may use deodorant. Some people may use a moisturizer. Some people, if they have the patience, will just remove whatever they don’t like with vinegar and water. The gesso spray uses a very strong spray. It’s a must for anyone who’s ever had a problem with the taste of gesso.

The gesso spray is so strong that this can cause immediate skin reactions. You cannot use it if you have a cold or any other skin disease. You must first wait three days before applying the gesso spray. Do not use it within 72 hours of applying it. Never apply it on sensitive areas. It can cause severe skin reactions, irritation, rashes, and blistering.

What is gesso powder? We don’t have a product specific to gesso powder, and we’ve never had this one. The ingredients we typically use in gesso powder is a salt, a flour, some sugar, and a lot of water. We mix the sugar and water into one final product to make the gesso paste. Gesso powder is made by combining flour, salt, and water, but it is not made from scratch. We use it on skin only because it’s so strong, and it seems to work quickly.

You may have read or heard that gesso powder may cause your skin to flake. We have never had this happen. If you have a problem, please contact our customer service. We’ll get you back on track.


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