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Krylon Fusion is the most commonly used sealer for paint applications. The standard primer-coating formula is 2 parts Krylon to 1 part mineral spirits and paints can be pre-coated in Krylon’s exclusive FUSION™ System that includes special paint and solvent additives that work to release more than 5 million paint-detergent-in-1-step products. The FUSION System also includes the most effective and versatile sealant in the world.

For a complete list of FUSION™ System additives please review Krylon’s FUSION Product Information page or contact us for a sample. Learn more on how Krylon Fusion works.

Are Krylon products safe and hygienic to use with household products?

Krylon products are hypoallergenic (won’t cause a reaction with skin) and non-contact (water, soap and perspiration will not irritate fingers and equipment).

Krylon® Fusion Products are safe to use with most household items including:

Hand wash machines


Vacuum cleaners


Toiletries boxes

Toilet paper

Toilet seats (for use of toiletries)


Tissue paper

Paper towels

Paper towels

Plastic food containers

Plastic cups

Plastic grocery bags

Toilet paper rolls

Plastic containers in food storage

Food packaging

Paper grocery bags

Stuffed animals

Are Krylon products safe for use with food, medicines, etc.?

The most important factor in use of Krylon Fusion is to avoid contact between food or medicines and the product. The contact may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. The following list is provided as a general guideline:

Krylon® Fusion is safer for cosmetics than most other sealers, and the following list contains only the ingredients on the list.

Other sealers can create a toxic reaction with sensitive skin and include ingredients such as:

Alumilite (Aluminum Tetrachloride)

Aluminum Phosbalate

Aluminum Sulfate (Aluminum Sulfate)

Aluminum Oxide

Allison’s Gold-Free Oil, Aloe vera gel, Glycerin, Glycerin base or other moisturizers

Amber & Ash


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