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How does fire make a paintbrush’s paint go on? What does fire mean? Can you see flames coming out of a piece of foam? How can foam make flames disappear? How many sides can you see with a piece of fire? Does any of this make sense? Read on because we’re going to answer all of these fire questions, but before we do, let’s answer one question that comes up all the time: what is “glory”? What is this “glory” we seem so fond of? What does it mean? How does it relate to the use of fire?
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I. Is this “glory” real?

The word glory is very real, as most of the people who claim to see it are. It is a very specific kind of beauty (no two looks, no two feelings, no two emotions the same) that is associated with the sacred or divine. (See the article What is “glory”?)

The word “glory” is often used as a swear word. But the word “glory” is so much more than that. It is the language of sacred things. It is the language of dreams and imaginations. It is the language of wonder and wonder-making. It is the language of the great outdoors, it is the language of love, it is the language of poetry, and it is the language of the deep. It is the language of beauty and wonder. It is the language of poetry. It is the language of life itself. It is the language of beauty and wonder. Glory is the ultimate. Not a literal or physical thing. Not even a tangible thing. Glory’s being is not contained in a physical object. But even though it is not a physical object, it can be. The beauty and the wonder we see in beauty and wonder is still real, and that’s why we think the word is more than an obscenity.

II. Glory has many origins

One of the real problems that plagues the spiritual development of children is the confusion and confusion over whether or not they think “glory” is real. In our modern society, many people say they don’t see glory because they are too busy thinking about sex. In fact, many people believe that a lot of the meaning of “glory” is lost in the brain when you’re not thinking about the things that the “glory” of the cosmos is meant to say. This is a major source of confusion for the spiritually curious

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