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I’m trying to make a painting that looks like that… but it’s way too thin. It has been painted with a 1/2 inch layer of water based paint that is very thin (almost like paint thinner). As far as I understand, it should be thinner (1/4-1/2 inch). I’m trying to use an acrylic primer that may be thinner (like one is used with a water based spray paint), but to be 100% certain my paint looks decent I’ll need to send it back and re-do it. Please help! Thanks a ton!

The official website for the Fate/stay night television anime announced on Saturday that the television anime will premiere in October. The manga adaptation will get a total of 10 episodes.
Super cute DIY. All you need is fake flowers, a canvas ...

The anime’s official YouTube channel describes the story:

A strange sword is drawn with both intent and intent alone from darkness, where it’s a target from one of the world’s greatest swordsman, Archer, who’s been summoned by Saber. With his help, Saber fights the Dark Continent’s enemies. After being imprisoned in one castle, Archer is transported to another, a new world where no one remembers him, where people have become stronger with more power than the ones of the past.

Akira Toriyama ( Dragon Ball Z , One Piece ) is in charge of the anime’s scripts, and Takao Koyama ( The Heroic Legend of Arslan , Gintama , Toriko ) is designing the characters. Norihito Sumitomo ( Death Note , Nisekoi ) is serving as chief animation director.

The anime will also star:

Akemi Homura ( Nisekoi ) is serving as the main character, and Satou Shintaro ( Highschool DxD , K-On! , The Heroic Legend of Arslan ) is voicing him.

The main cast are:

The story centers around Archer, who is summoned by the mysterious King Bōsōzō to a world where “absolute darkness” rules. The King intends on unleashing a power that will bring forth the “Dark Continent’s awakening,” while in the meantime, Archer will make sure that the “Dark Continent” is free of monsters.

The website also revealed that the first Blu-ray Disc of the anime will ship in March. As in previous anime adaptations of Fate/stay night manga, the series will ship with a new OVA chapter every month.


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