Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Spray Paint Art Videos Porfirio Jimenez Youtube

You might need a good cleaning!

The above instructions were written for a 7×4 steel bar so keep an even lid on the brush!

Step By Step Instructions :

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Measure your paint. Measure the distance from your tip (your handle) of the paintbrush to the top of the bar. Use a rubber mallet to break up the paint slightly. I measured mine from my handle and marked the distance from my blade to the end of the brush. You can use your hand, the side of a hammer, a drill, whatever to get the paint wet enough. Make sure the paint isn’t completely dry before working on it. I find I can get the paint wet enough to break up paint even with a dry brush. Measure your next length (your paintbar/paint) and add it from that point to the point you measure previously. Use a rubber mallet (the size will depend on your paint) to apply the paint. The harder you can paint the shorter your paint bar/paint. Always make sure your paint is dry before you start work.

That’s it!

The National Union of Students (NUS) has refused to condemn the National Union of Students (NUS) has refused to condemn the controversial National Education Policy for its call for a review of the curriculum and “radical” changes to how teaching and learning are delivered on university campuses.

NUS national secretary Paul Mason, who is leading the pro-Brexit NUS campaign, wrote in the Daily Express : “Some of these policies will make teaching harder for students. That’s why we won’t be voting for them.

“But we are going to fight for their implementation as many students do to improve their exam results.

“Even if I don’t believe that ‘no chance’ education and ‘zero-hours contracts’ will help students, I still believe that the teaching they will receive will be good and that they won’t come across the academic rigour of an exam board.

“There is nothing radical about this: it has been done before.”

He further warned in the same article that “some students want to do well on a test but will find it difficult to do so,” adding: “We are not talking about some sort of black box world of zero-hours employment where any student can find an assistant or tutor.”

In response to NUS comments, the National Union of Students (NUS) said it “doesn’t want to comment on individual candidates

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