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[…] That will never happen…

What’s wrong with this picture?

The picture I’m about to show you is the picture that the media uses to promote the idea that there are ‘two Americas’ and the problem with the current system is that there is not enough middle class.
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This picture is a fake (or created by a fake) to give Americans the illusion that there’s a huge middle class in this country, when they can’t even afford to pay for pizza (as you’ve heard).

Take a look at the bottom two paragraphs and you’ll notice that I do not mention middle class as this is something that exists all by itself. I do mention a middle class but I do not mention a middle class on a single piece of paper. That’s what is wrong with this picture, and what you’ll see in these first two paragraphs of the article, all we see is middle class to provide a visual impact while the actual content lies underneath (I’ll show you what it looks like after the break).

Here’s the video with the fake image (it’s called “The Two Americas” and it’s part of the same article and it’s also shown below).

I did not make this fake. You can see some fake content that I put in the article (which I wrote, but didn’t edit and I’m actually the author of that piece of fake content).

And again, it is entirely possible for there to be a middle class and a poor class. For one thing, there can be a middle-middle class and there can also be poor-poor (if middle class doesn’t include poor). To show you how the real middle class works, click this link.

[The Middle Class] is a concept which most people probably haven’t heard of, but does exist. To understand the purpose of middle class and other related concepts, you need to think of it in the terms of a pyramid. When it says pyramid, you think of a structure with a base and a top. If the people on top are the highest paying employees, then that’s the pyramid’s base. Below that base is the pyramid’s top. Below that are the pyramid’s lowest paying employees. Each top paying employee gets a certain percentage of income. If the top pays more than they receive in their taxes, they’re at the bottom. That’s the ‘thirteenth’ level of income, and that’s how you can get to the ‘eternal’ level.

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