Do casinos use magnets in roulette? – Most Common Roulette Patterns

Yes. Casinos use magnets in roulette to stop the ball being re-entered more than a few times. If your game does not have a chance of being hit a couple of times after you make a mistake, then magnets can be a solution. Just imagine the feeling you get when you have a few problems and your ball comes out.

A magnetic roulette plate. Credit: Matt R.

Magnetism in Roulette

The easiest way to figure out if a roulette machine is a magnet machine is to see if its ball goes into a hole in the playfield that’s a certain distance away from the wheel. For example, the machine I’ve referred to has a magnet that is a certain distance from the wheel. If the ball does not enter the ball tray that far away, the machine is not a magnet.

A good way to figure out if your machine is a magnet machine is to play a game against the machine and try to figure out why it seems to get “magnetized” often when it goes into the ball tray that far away. A lot of things may be affecting the machine and trying to figure it out is not always easy and doesn’t always show up instantly. For example, if you’re playing with a machine that is really sensitive to balls traveling off your pin, try the games that do not have balls traveling off your pin. If you really want to find that out, you can go online, look for the term “magnetic roulette” and look up games that don’t have that problem, such as games with non-rotating spins. I think people in Australia play with a magnetic roulette machine because they prefer it. They put a coin in a tube with a magnet so that some of the balls don’t stay in the tube if they get re-entered.

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Magne ball in a magnet roulette plate. Credit: Matt R.

Other Things to Consider

There are some things to consider if you’re choosing a machine because of the lack of magneticity.

How many games are you playing? If you are starting with just ONE machine, how many games are you trying it with so it gets “magnetized”? Is there a way to get the ball into the slot that has no effect on it? The way to find out if you have a problem with a game is to play a lot, or check out all the games that are on the machine and try all the different ways to

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