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There are numerous ways to tell where a roulette ball lands. There is no standardized method to determine where a roulette ball lands. For example, a roulette ball will either land in a specific spot (the first of its three points) or land in a completely random location (the second of its three points). This is also true of all the different ball systems (such as one-shot, two-hit, ten-ball, multi-ball, etc.). Some of these ball systems have an even greater variability. For example, a full 20-ball system uses up to six different types of balls in each shot, making an even greater variation in where the ball lands. If you play any game that involves multiple balls in a certain location, such as “chess,” you’ll find that each of those balls will have some random behavior.


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On August 26, 2017, the US Navy announced that it was reducing the number of nuclear submarines to 6 from 14 when the next generation nuclear ballistic launch submarine completes construction. They are currently under construction in Virginia, and they are slated for commissioning in 2018. However, according to documents obtained by Defense One, the initial decision to cut down on the number of nuclear attack submarines was made in 2012, and the decision to replace the class in 2017 was announced in 2012.

Although the announcement did not specify the exact dates when the US Navy plans to put the boats back in the water, it did make clear that the plans went into place in 2012. This means this decision to cut down was at least two years before the US Navy announced its plans for a new nuclear ballistic missile submarine on May 17, 2014, and it was made after a number of new US nuclear force officials took their positions (see the end of this piece).

As mentioned in the above article, the decision to end the 730-strong class came as a shock to the nuclear submarine fleet. The first generation vessels (SSN-773, SSN-774) began construction in 2007 and were planned to enter service

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