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What kind of dice can you buy on ebay? I have many different dice from various manufacturers (I got a new set recently) and I like what I have got so far. I like the white ones of my dice and their look better in my eyes than the blue ones in the pictures (I love blue!)

Which country have you been to so far? I have been to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany so far. The US is the only country I have been in so far and that is because, there for a long time my father owned a small business in Boston called “Morton’s Manufacturing” and he has never been to the USA, but when I was a child I would meet him at a game in Boston and we would play a lot of games of pool at his place and he would always bring friends from Germany or Switzerland to play with him. In Germany they had a card game called “Der Koppel” which I enjoyed because it was quite hard to play but you could bet money with. So, when I came to America, my first stop was Columbus where he had another branch of Morton’s. In the winter he taught me a game of “Merits” (the name of the game was actually a contraction of my father’s name) and I loved it. Anyway, when I was in college I went to London where one of my father’s friends was the President of a company called “Lemington Games” and they had a table there. So we would take our friends there to learn the games there that we liked there and it was the beginning of my experience in British video games. In the British video games I like to have some luck of my own and often the person with the best luck in any given round has the best chance to win the whole game. Another thing worth noting with British video games is the fact that one of the games at Morton’s is called the “Dirty-Degree” or “Dirty-Deal”, but this game has nothing to do with “Dirty” of the game in America: it refers to “Dirty-Hence” (from “Dry” meaning to dry up) so there is a different “Dry” game there.

What was your first video game? I remember my dad having me for Christmas when I was in preschool and I remember trying to buy this game when it came out,

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