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Here’s an intriguing puzzle that took place in an episode of the television show “The Big Bang Theory.”

During the show there’s a bet made: $1 on one side versus $2 on the other. If you win, you go on the other side and the loser gets paid back with $1.

But, the problem is, you can choose to bet on both sides. And guess what, that’s what the “Big Bang Theory” game “Rouse Raffle” is about!

In this game, you know the odds of winning on both sides of your choice. So, you set up a roulette wheel. And each time you tilt the wheel in any direction, you win the money you bet on the winning side.

So, if, the players are playing “the roulette wheel in two pairs,” you know the odds of winning on both sides.

If the odds of each side are equally matched, what is the average number of ways to win a roulette jackpot?

The answer is – 1.7 – according to our example above.

Let’s put this puzzle to a spin:

How many ways in which you could win a bet of $1 on one side versus a bet of $2 on the other?

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You’ve probably guessed it – and it’s easy to see: 3 and 2 are equal. So the numbers on the roulette wheel have to be equal.

Then, the answer can be found by calculating the average odds of winning each round of the roulette game.

A roulette game is won when a player has four roulette wheels: a three-wheeled wheel for the side where he or she bets, a two-wheeled wheel for the winning side, a two-wheeled wheel for the loser side, and a three-wheeled wheel for both sides – or in other words, when one has more chances of winning than the other.

If a three-wheeled wheel has more chances of winning, the odds of the winning side are greater than the odds of the losing side.

That’s what’s called roulette momentum . The amount in play – the number of different options with no clear winner – varies depending on how many wheel are at play. The more wheels, the more options.

As more wheels are at play, the player’s chances of winning increase. But the odds of winning are the exact same for two of the

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