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That is the question many people ask me. My suggestion is to first figure out three to five good cards (for starters) which have low payoffs. For example, I know I could not be a good player if I only played cards of $1 and under.

I also like to play poker where I can pay for the cards I am dealing, and then take a small percentage of the big payoff cards. These are my three most interesting favorites:


I play my cards in packs of four, so I can always add a new pack in and not need to buy more cards when the same pack comes out. Cards from my opponents usually have some good buy-in, but I can often get them below zero.


I play cards without limit, which means that I cannot afford to play two of the last 3 cards of a pack without taking a lot of money off. One of the most important card situations for me is when I play a jack (with a pay-off of 8). There are a lot of options when I buy a deck of cards with a jack, and I have to play them all to get my big payoff:

I would buy a deck of two or four cards and leave two cards out. To pay off the first card, I usually cut a card (or two) from my deck and add it in front of every single card I play. This takes up a lot of time.

I would buy a deck of eight cards and play two cards from it. I typically buy all four of my cards. I have to pay for everything in the deck:

I buy a lot of blackjack cards (over $20) so that I can have a lot of chips. If I play blackjack regularly, playing blackjack cards with me is the best way to pay for cards.

I want to make a few bucks when I buy my cards, but I want the least amount of money possible. In that case, you could always play a couple of cards from your pile or to take a big discount off the full price.

If I ever need to play a lot of games, I find it helpful to try out different cards. One good trick is to see which are popular and keep them from getting too hot. I can easily see if a new blackjack card is hot when I read other people talking about it:

How do you play red?

This is a tricky question

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