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This week’s guest, Sean Fagan, shares his experience playing craps with the best of the best at the World Series of Poker. Sean has been playing craps for over 13 years, and he has a few tips and tactics he uses to dominate Craps with his clients. I hope you enjoy this episode, and keep making new friends. If you want to reach me, you can find me on Twitter @Sean_a_Fagen. And stay tuned for next week when we’re going to talk to “The Black Prince”.

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“The Black Prince” and the Best of the Super Bowl

Sean Fagan’s Twitter

Sean’s Twitter @Sean_a_Fagen

Sean’s Twitter @Sean_a_Fagen

Sean’s Twitter @Sean_a_Fagen

Sean’s Twitter @Sean_a_Fagen

You would think that the media would be able to cover events with greater depth and nuance, but the mainstream media is simply failing to tell us the truth.

The US media is essentially owned by three major corporations, so the bias is obvious. With that in mind, let us take a look at their coverage of the recent Russian presidential election.

ABC and NBC News have the most egregious problem. Both ABC and NBC present a complete and complete distortion of the truth. The two networks have virtually been completely silent on the topic. Both have consistently presented a story line that is completely contrary to the facts.

The reason for this failure is simple. The major mainstream media is not allowed to report the truth because their owners own the outlets. To report the truth, the major media is required to report in a manner that conforms to the wishes of the owners. As mentioned before, this is a simple

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