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Is a RNG reset necessary?

I don’t know about you, but after more than six years of using RNG Roulette (you know, the thing that keeps people on your favorite sites and games for hours at a time until they realize that they screwed up…), I’ve had enough. So, here’s a simple step-by step guide.

1. Start off with a game that only has one option (but at least one with randomization). The one that isn’t rigged.

2. Try to play a few times with that game, and if you think it’s rigged, stop playing for a while. Stop being interested.

3. Once you can’t play with the rigged game anymore, switch to a game that’s rigged.

4. If the r/randomnumbers post still exists and has the same posts as the rigged game, continue playing that game because even if you’re right, the chances are that most people are wrong (and thus the r/randomnumbers post only has people who were trying to play the rigged game all along).

That’s about it.

It’s all there is to it. Not really, and that’s why you should never change the odds when playing RNG Roulette. It’s not worth it.

If your strategy works and it worked in the rigged game, congratulations! You’re a genius.

If your strategy doesn’t work and you thought it did, congratulations again! That’s probably because the odds of it not working are not high enough to be worth using, so it’s probably not worth the effort and effort it must cost to try. If that’s the case for you, I hope you understand why people have been messing up with this stuff for so long and why so many of the r/randomnumbers posts are so vague and vague.

It’s a shame that we can’t get back any time soon and have the r/randomnumbers thread be about the actual game itself instead. In fact, it’s the only thread I’ve had to post for months now.

So. If you don’t see posts about that here, it means that you don’t know about that topic and/or haven’t been following RNG Roulette at all. Please read this entire thread. If you are a regular member of r/randomnumbers, then you’ve probably noticed that this topic is always covered by posts like “How to Make Money from RNG

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