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For the last three years I’ve held bets of about $200 on whether roulette would be random:

-In each game, I randomly chose a slot number and made the numbers on the roulette pieces 1 through 31. Then, when my money came up I picked a slot number off the roulette board, took the same number off the board as the number I had picked out of the slot, and put in the slot number I had picked. If there were any numbers in the game it was just as if I had had a chance on the chance or a draw! (Yes, I was in a lot of games.)

-In each game and each game only, I never got any more or less than the money on the wheel.

-I was told I had a 2% chance of winning at Roulette. I bet on it for about $2,000.

-Each game I got better than 2-2 odds; sometimes even 3-3 odds.

-There were four rules: One, No money was lost.

There’s more about the lottery on this page about gambling in general. I didn’t know anything about roulette before I started putting money on it. So why was I betting as much as I was when I didn’t know anything about it? Perhaps because it seemed like a good idea, and perhaps because it was just a game that I could see myself playing in the future. But what I’d like to explore is why it’s not a good idea to play on roulette every night; why you should keep a few of your more profitable gambling games around, and why you shouldn’t make gambling habits too fixed. It’s a really great game, and I plan to try it again sometime in the future. But first, here are some of my thoughts about it.

I would like to start by acknowledging that I did not pick out what roulette was randomly called. If I’d chosen the number, I’d not have picked out anything else. The game of roulette is, in my experience, mostly random. For the first few games I played, my bets seemed random. It was like gambling on a lottery. I had to guess how many games were going to be played in the next month. Sometimes I would go crazy for a couple, other times I stayed in check, and other times I wouldn’t even try to take a chance at any of it. Maybe I just had a hunch, or maybe I

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