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What are your feelings about roulette as the game takes place?

The main thing I feel when playing roulette is that you don’t feel in control of the game (because of the player being the one who is in charge). The real decision is made when you look at the face of the roulette, and you are the one making the choices in what you want to do. The roulette isn’t in control – it’s up to the player to look at it’s face and decide what they are going to do. Sometimes you might get lucky – and if you do (when you don’t know how or where it is going to go), you get to make the same choices you’ve chosen the previous time. The luck is never going to be the same. I personally don’t enjoy taking chances – I think you should only play roulette when you are confident in the choices you have made to get ahead. For me, it’s not fun – because I don’t know where it will turn out – and I get frustrated with the uncertainty I get by playing it.

I also feel the strategy to playing roulette is that if it’s bad, you won’t be able to play again or win. You are the one who should be choosing to risk it because you know if something bad happens the other player is going to have better luck. I think my play style is best when I try to understand the options I have before I press the ‘game’ button. Sometimes that is a little bit luck – but most of the time you want to do it the right way regardless of whether it is good or bad, because it’s still a fun way to play. You can make some bad decisions. Sometimes you make stupid decisions. But when you are playing, you really are playing and that’s what I love.
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You are clearly a gambler and I think it’s a great thing to be a gambler, because when you play roulette your life, sometimes you make dumb decisions and bad ones. When you play roulette, you think there’s a chance that your hand might be good. It doesn’t mean it is. Sometimes you might make a bad decision – but you know you made a bad decision, because you play the game (because you don’t know where it’s going to go). The good thing about the game though (is that you don’t lose money with it), as you know a good play pays off, but you have lost some points (in terms of playing time/

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