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Here, in a simple graphic that illustrates the odds of survival in each of the five Russian roulette types. The odds are calculated in the same way as you would be advised to use for any game that you play — 1 in 3, 1 in 5, 1 in 10 and 1 in 25. However you take the probability into account here will only be one-half the odds of survival, in these other categories it’s 10:1, 100:1, 1,000:1 and 1,000,000:1. You may see any of these odds change from month to month depending upon seasonal variation. You can use the same rules for playing roulette with coins, as there is a 1/10 chance of playing in the rainy season but a 1/4 chance in the summer.

What does roulette mean?
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The word roulette is derived from the Italian word rumare , which means “to strike with the edge.”

The game is played by throwing one of four large coins or one of two smaller coins at a fixed location on a grid. The larger coin will land on a row or column, while the small coins will land on the two empty spaces on any two adjacent rows. The roulette wheel moves back and forth around the ball.


Roulette, originally derived in the 16th century from Italian rouleggio or “ripe game,” is perhaps best known as a form of slot game, though it was actually invented in France by the French inventor, Baron Charles de Salinard in 1762. It was widely used in the 19th century and has become hugely popular in the last 100 years, in both the US and England; it is even played in Japan.

The original game used two roulette wheels located on a floor; in a modern version, the roulette wheel is housed in a rotating machine or on the floor of a spinning club.

Playing roulette is an ancient game, dating back to at least 300 BC. The name is often derived from the game’s use of a wheel spinning around a circle, so a spin of three roulette wheels gives the roulette game its name, and the word roulette comes from Medieval Latin ronge, meaning wheel. According to one study, most games of roulette use two dice, with a third “chicken bone point” on the back of the dice for a bonus die. It is thought that most modern games use two roulette wheels mounted on

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