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And what’s the best way to make money in Vegas?

To help answers all these questions, we spoke to several professional poker players — including five of the six winners of PokerStars’ 2013 World Series of Poker final — about how they made their living last year.

Jason Blevins

Jason Blevins is the owner and operator of the poker podcast I Should Be In Vegas with Jason Blevins. Jason hosts this season of

The show features four guests each week — Jason Blevins, Eric Lindros, Steve Womack, and Andy Ritchie — and is played in partnership with PokerStars.

This year’s episode features a special guest appearance by Jeff Weltgenkul. While interviewing Steve Weltgenkul at the top tables of poker tournaments around the world in his hotel conference room in Las Vegas, the host brings him along to discuss how his long experience in the game is helping him put his poker skill on the world stage.
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What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas? A career in the gambling industry is an attractive career choice when you have the freedom to make a great salary and have a high caliber of work.

According to Blevins, working as a PokerStars employee was the best way to make money in his industry:

“The amount of free time I have is one of the biggest parts of my success in this profession to date. It was literally a given since I started here as it was the way I had always dreamed of being part of poker. It was not much of a choice,” he said. “Being able to go out in Vegas, I’m sure a majority of these folks have that luxury, and their time is really well spent doing something that will increase the value and the amount of free time they have.”

“I did what my parents wanted me to do which was work at a car dealership in Reno, NV. I had just started there. So my parents got me a bunch of scholarships and they helped me pay for it as long as I kept doing whatever I was doing. This is in no-one’s business, but I worked very hard and did everything they told me to do,” he added.

While earning a decent amount of money at a dealership isn’t the highlight of Jason’s life, it isn’t the end of the world either. In fact, most jobs on the poker table, from the lowest level of professional and up to a pro, can be very fulfilling

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