Which countries gamble the most? – Free Online Roulette

• The World Economic Forum’s International Gaming Activity Report, 2015, suggests that in 2015 about 2.4 million people from 74 countries took part in a game.

• The International Gaming Federation reports that in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States, more than 2 million people played video games.

• Gamespot reports that in Europe, Russia, Japan and Ireland, more than 1.5 million people play video games.

The Global Gaming Report, by KPMG, a UK global consulting company, said: ‘In total, there were 2.4 million games in 2016’.

‘Among the countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and parts of Australia were the largest number (1.7 million).

‘North America saw around 600,000 games play during 2016. And from Asia, the UK (600,000 games), Japan (600,000), Singapore (400,000), Vietnam (400,000), and South Korea (300,000) accounted for around 70 per cent of all games played worldwide.’

It said: ‘There were 2.43 million people in the world who were playing video games’ by the end of 2015, according to the Game Developers Census 2016.’

• How much is a ‘casino casino’?

There are many different types of casino – but it is more profitable to be in one called a ‘casino casino’, which is normally bigger and has more money to play around with.

The GDC’s Gaming Activity Report, 2015 noted: ‘Gaming activity is increasing in some countries around the world, reflecting a number of factors such as expanding online-casino gaming. In the Asian region, there is a boom in casino gaming with the growth in online gaming sites, although this also has positive implications for existing traditional casinos as more money flows into online gaming.’

And the Entertainment Software Association said: ‘There has been a boom in online gaming in recent years, which has provided a means of gambling with a greater range of options.’

They added: ‘In South Korea, gaming revenues grew by 14 per cent last year to $1.6bn after the launch of the e-gambling site PyeongChang. In India, online gambling added $1bn to the gaming industry last year. The US also has a growing online gambling market with online poker services adding $80m to the industry’s total revenues. The gaming industry also has significant overseas markets including in Russia, China and

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