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It seems the name of the billionaire is Jack Shafer, a former top poker player who left poker to start a casino called Gambling with Jack in the Desert in Nevada.

His wealth comes mainly from having been an investor in Nevada’s largest casino, the now-defunct Starbuzz in Las Vegas.

Mr Shafer also runs the Shafer Group, which is involved in many casino and real estate deals for billionaires including Bill Gates.

According to Forbes, Mr Shafer is among the world’s 5th richest men.

He also runs the World Series of Poker and the Casino World, a business-to-business network for real estate companies in the United States.

His fortune is estimated to be worth about £6bn, but experts say the actual figure could be as much as £16bn.

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A mum who left her two-year-old daughter to die of carbon monoxide fumes while she was asleep at their home has been told to face a judge.

Annan Kebede, 37, from Leicester city centre, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of the girl at her home last May.

She was jailed for four and a half years, with a non-parole period of three years.

Today the court heard she would not receive the sentence imposed yesterday but would need to be detained for 12 months.

The court heard Kebede had had some medical issues with her daughter.
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It had been established the toddler, who was named Zoe, had gas poisoning when she suffered the “horrific and horrific” ordeal she had endured in April.

Her mother – who is not in court today – told the court she was so concerned about her health in the years preceding the incident that she went to doctors who diagnosed the toddler with a rare lung disease called fibrosis.

The trial heard Kebede, from Leicester, had a previous conviction for using alcohol despite a lifetime ban from drinking in the past.

The child’s mother, who was in a relationship with Kebede when she died, told jurors the toddler was asleep on the sofa when it all happened.

(Image: MEN)

The court heard an assistant home care officer who had been at the house the morning

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