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You can read a lot more in-depth articles about how to learn to draw by reading the online tutorials as well. I just want to mention here a few tips I have learnt.

1) If you have done drawing, you might have some experience of how to draw the body. It’s very useful to practice drawing, as well as understanding the whole anatomy. You might be very bad at drawing your body and can learn how to draw it with practice. You can read more in How to learn to draw body.

2) Draw with different points of view. Try to draw from the side of the face (i.e. you take the side the eye can see) etc. Do not rely only on the right angle – you still need to draw all the other parts of the body and make them look good.

3) You don’t always need to draw a specific angle. If you are drawing a big nose, I think you would enjoy the look of a thin nose.

4) Do your drawing from the side of the face or the top of the nose.

5) When you are drawing the arms you see your face from all angles. You can draw a lot of different poses depending on your mood, as well as your own artistic creativity.

6) Use your eyes to your advantage sometimes. Don’t think only about the view through your nose – think about the eyes, the mouth, the other parts of the body.

7) Your eyes are a good teacher because they give you the strength to learn on your own.

8) Look at pictures of paintings and magazines. I don’t mean the pictures of the drawings – think about the picture on the cover of a magazine.

9) You can draw without moving your body. You can study how people draw, like people are always looking at the drawing from the side.

10) The more you study the drawing the better your drawing will become.

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11) When you are drawing you will start to notice lines or a direction of drawing, like a straight line or a straight line without any movement, or a straight line starting straight but going in the other direction.

12) When drawing, use your eyes. Draw all the shapes and points of view of a piece and make them come to you.

Some tips I like to use for drawing the body:

1) If you are drawing a person, focus on the proportions of his body.

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