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The base model itself comes with several options for the weapon combinations, but you can see them all below.

Vehicle Type Base Model Weapon(s) Armament Modules

Fighter Bomber Gunner

This is a dedicated bomber. The pilots are also capable of taking up to seven small missile pods, though these are the rare only seen on some of the most powerful fighter bombers in the Imperium. These pods are equipped with explosive racks capable of detonating a single missile within a short distance, and are used for short range bombing runs.

Heavy Fighter Gunner

The base model also comes equipped with a pair of heavy fighters, which are capable of being used with the new Flamer/Lascannon combination. These aircraft are capable of being armed with a mixture of explosive and missile racks and are capable of launching two lascannons at the same time. The pilots also come with an engine capable of recharging their missiles, though these may require repairs on a regular basis after use.

Gunnery Command

The Gunnery Command gives the pilot access to a unique set of weaponry, similar to the command of the aircraft itself on the tabletop, which can be used during its use. Unlike the command of a bomber, where the pilots can directly control the aircraft, the command of a gunnery command allows you to direct the pilot to use the weapons and control the plane themselves. This is particularly beneficial for the Gunnery Command variant as the aircraft is more difficult for players to manage.

The base model also includes a command system that can be used by the pilots to control the aircraft and control it using their own initiative and other skills or abilities. There are five separate command cards for this system. These cards provide a pilot the ability to fire on their own initiative, and thus can be used by themselves in order to engage their opponent’s aircraft while making use of a command card of your choice.


The Flamer/Lascannon unit consists of an Armoured Chimera, a transport vehicle, and the pilot of this aircraft. The Flamer/Lascannon is powered by a dual-linked fusion engine and is equipped with three long range heavy flamethrowers as per traditional Imperial naval fire support.

The Flamer/Lascannon can be deployed without restrictions. The pilot can also deploy a pair of twin-linked lascannons, the equivalent of standard Imperial aircraft.

There are three different types

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