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Barry Prentice: You need a great motor, great suspension, great transmission, an easy interior to work with, a really great design, and the engine is the star – in this particular case I love the E39 M3!

The engine is just wonderful. No issues, no failures. The power on the E39 M3 is absolutely amazing, but you also need to look at your tyres and handling to look at how it would perform in a world of racing tyres.

The rear axle is very good. The M3 is well equipped with the rear axle and the car stays quite tight if you do well with it because it’s really well balanced. I do wish the car had more power but you also need to do a lot of homework in that area – you need more power because the car is going very fast. And I did want to talk about brake cooling, that was one thing I really wanted to do on the M3.

Q: Why do you think Ferrari won’t have a turbocharged engine in the next model?

Barry Prentice: I don’t know. The engine will just come down to the engine block and work on it for the car – it’s not something that can wait forever…

But I don’t know about a turbo or anything like that.

I feel so confused by this.

I was just reading through Reddit’s AMA and stumbled upon this question.
Learning car design from home through the Internet - Car ...

I have three things in my life that I’d rather share now than wait another year :

My cat. My cats. The internet.

My cats.

My internet

The internet is the best thing in the world because there’s no rules to what people can post on, no filter, and no accountability. The internet is the way my cats think about everything. As if they can control the world. They look at me every single day with a look that says, “This is us.” In other words, if my internet is down, I’m dead meat to them. And I want my internet back.

So I don’t know what to do. I want to be able to post what I want on the internet. I want to be able to post what it means to me to be a man online, and what I want my internet to represent to me.

All I’m saying is this; I do not like the internet. I’ve been banned for shit like this before. I don’t want to

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