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You don’t draw a giraffe drawing. Why is that, because that’s not how you draw animals. You draw a giraffe, and you go, “That’s a giraffe. There’s a giraffe on top of it.” I want a giraffe to sit on a log and I want a giraffe to run past me. I don’t want it to be a tree with a giraffe’s head on it. But you have to draw a giraffe, man. And I will. Because I love it so much.

And when I’m drawing, I’m not thinking of what I’m drawing. I have to draw. They can give me lines on a paper and they’re not as funny as it is when you actually draw them in an environment.

I think if I could have a one-second conversation with the guy who wrote the books from where they came — I’m always interested in books that got published. I’d love to be able to talk to any one of them! [laughs]

What were your favourite books at school? The stories in The Little Thief:

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Well, I didn’t like them, because of the fact that they were about the kids. So I didn’t really like the ones they got on the train in London or whatever, but the stories from school that were from a child’s point of view were great. The little boy who’s a magician, the little boy who’s the King, the little boy who’s the God. They’re great kids books.

You’re a big fan of science fiction and fantasy books, aren’t you?

You know, I’m very much aware that I’m not a big science fiction fan because I like books that aren’t about aliens in space spaceships, but, you know, I’ve read a lot of good stories from a young age in science fiction and fantasy, and I’m really fascinated by how much science fiction has been translated into children’s books.

But then you just can’t go there now, can you? You know, if you make it into a kid’s book now, I’m very annoyed that the story isn’t from aliens in space spaceships or a spaceship in outer space, it’s from the book that was written about the space program in the mid-60s. That’s so far from what it is now. It’s about a space program in one corner of the country and the moon in South America. And that’s what I like about

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