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First, you draw from your real lips, and then you go one step further—you draw from the actual features of your mouth that you see whenever you look in the mirror. And I think it’s important, because you see everything every day. You’ll see little bumps and wrinkles, but that’s normal. But we’re going to use a trick—so I’ll say what I’m going to do.

Step 1
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So, I’m going to use my favorite brush and I’m going to use a light-colored pencil. So my colors are going to be medium brown with a light-colored nib. And I’ve used this brush like seven times just to get a feel for it, so I can draw the lips, because I’ll be using it over and over to make sure the edges are smooth. So if you don’t find that you’re doing very well right away—well, I don’t know why—but when you start drawing again, you might find that you’re not completely satisfied with the texture. You can always keep adding it to get better—it just might take longer. Okay, now I’m going to show you how I’m going to add a bit of color to the edges of my lips. First of all, I’m going to draw out, I’m going to start on the lips, and I’m going to add a bit of color here. You don’t have to be precise, but use whatever color you want, because your lips are going to start to get different colors and different texture. You’ll see when this is over, I’ll have an edge that’s going to look a little bit pinker and a little bit more pronounced. That’s okay. That’s okay. And I will, when I work with a light-colored pencil, I draw the line of the brush, and then I’ll add additional lines here. So it goes on this way, so the lines are coming up against each other, coming through the top of the nose, and then coming down the bottom of the nose. And I’m just going to go more or less straight down to the chin, where my cheeks meet, and then the lips, and that’s where I’ll add that extra texture I think I’ll need here to make the lip look a little bit bigger.

Step 2

Now this is super important, because I want you to see the skin that’s going to start to look different. I’m also going to want you to see your browbone

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