How do you draw a Mustang horse easy? – How To Draw A Race Car Step By Step

Look into my eyes!


It’s a Mustang!

Yes, it is!


I see.

We are one horse.

You see?

We are one horse, and the world is one horse!

We have our place here.

Our place here.

Let go of me, horse.

Horses, horses, horses!

Horses… horses, horses!


I’m gonna rip out your eyes!

Take this, horse.

Here it is!

Horse, here it is!


Don’t try to run away.

I’m gonna cut out the heart!

Horse, I’m gonna cut out your heart.


Horse, take this!


I thought you had a heart.

I don’t. I don’t think your heart is there.



Horse, come here!

I will cut that heart out of you!

Let go!

Give up you worthless little horse!



Hey, hey, ho, ho! Don’t you move! Get it!

I’ll cut your throat open!

I know I’m no good at this.


What a rotten horse you are!

I’m gonna rip off your nose!

Honey can you help me with this?

We’re so close, honey!

Honey, I think I’ve had an inkling.


Honey! Come with me.

There’s something special about this spot.

It’s so peaceful without the horses.

You want some of those, huh?

I’ve been waiting.

Oh. Good. I have to say something.

I don’t like horses, but I won’t stop.

You are not so clever.

I have an inkling of something, honey.

The only thing I can see.

There’s a thing in the water.

There’s not much here, but I hope you come back with the key.

Horse, you see!

We will

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