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Can there be an artist? Let me draw you a starship. – I’m not using your ship. – Well, it’s yours. – Why not? Can’t anyone else draw ships? – I’ve got another idea. How about a bird house with two-wingers? How about a plane with three wingers? Or a turtle. Or a boat. – What makes some things, like a turtle, look like birds? – Birds don’t have feet. – No. They use echolocation, where sound waves come up into their heads and hit the sides of their heads, and the echolocation switches their brain activity. – What I’m saying is… – The ears pick it up, and the nose and the mouth sense it. And then you’ve got all these muscles and the heart in the chest, or at the back of the neck. They’re just little things. The brain is what gives a bird its ability to see. But the brain is just one part of the puzzle. Look at the brain of an ant: it has a million little things on it, each doing one or more of the above jobs. You know what that means? – Look at it. – Do you see a bird’s brain, or do you see the brain of an ant? – It’s not the same thing, so much as an analogy. – That’s not an analogy. It has nothing to do with the rest of us. They have brains like ours, a million tiny little creatures who work together in our heads. But an ant, a bird’s brain, these are really different. It’s really hard to explain. When you first came up with the idea that the bird brain could be a part of a ship, you’d think that you just found a huge, beautiful bird-brain, and every time you looked at it, you thought of some great adventure. But once you start looking, it becomes clear that that’s not what happened. Birds have brains on their legs and a wing at the end of it. But a bird’s head is a complete skeleton to make an entire flight system. If you cut the head open, you can see that its brain is a very small part of a whole. If you cut the leg open, there really is one big piece. But the bird brain is just one piece of a much larger piece. Even a whole bird is a really small piece of a much larger piece. So in a sense, every bird I’ve ever observed has had an eye
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