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What is it?

How do you draw a ship?

I am not sure, and I cannot draw it well enough to be sure of this. It’s the one thing I have a pretty good memory of and can probably explain to you in a way you might be able to understand.

This is how a ship might go:

Let’s have a quick look at that now since it’s so basic. I’ll look at the ship from front, back, and side view:

The top surface is the main hull and it has a very, very obvious slope. It has an arched prow. You can see that the side of the main hull goes down a very little bit.

The second and third sides of the hull are a bit longer and they come off a bit more at an angle. They have their own bow. You may have noticed, this is also where you see the rudder. The rudder is a little less prominent in these drawings than the prow.

Next, we go to that top surface again:
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We see the rudder, bow, and side walls all together. The main hull looks a good bit smaller. It has a couple of large, thick decks, with that big arched prow.

Finally, we are back to our first view of the ship from back. It’s not a very good view, but it does show you the broadness of the hull front. The stern is about the same size now, but it had that little bit of more of a curve in the back. If you have ever ridden on a train in the UK, you’ll find that the curves on a train give you the advantage in braking. On a ship you don’t have that and as a result you have to brake quicker.

The bow, you can just tell the width of it by looking at it from this angle (as you can see in the drawings in the previous section). The large bow is about double the length of the ship, but it still has this curve in it.

Now we can see the two sides of the ship from the side. The side surface has a really nice curve. It doesn’t have that hump and that ridge at the bottom where you have the starboard side.

Here is the side of the ship from the main hull view. All of the main hull and any bow deck is right up front of the side of the ship. The side of

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