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– What is the most important thing that I need to draw? In general, the most important things will be:

* What you want your audience to perceive about you.

* What people want from you.

* What the business you want to run is.

* What is your identity.

* What kind of a person that you are.


What We Need


If we do not reach this money, we will not be able to make the game.

Stretch Goals


We will be able to include more content in the game, not just the game we have in prototype, so that all the backers will also get a little bit of extra content.


The additional content will be a board game.


We will be able to add the following things into the game:

A special item card

One more deck of cards than the game originally has

The box design, the character card artwork and all of the illustrations

The game board

Each of these things will be a free upgrade to those that already have the game.


We will get the entire game printed and packaged using top quality game pieces, the perfect quality for the final game! This stretch goal will give every backer who pledged at the $75, $100 and $125 rewards levels, 1 extra deck of card!

About the Game
Free Truck Drawing For Kids, Download Free Clip Art, Free ...

The card game is a party game with three players. Players each have their own deck of cards to play, but they each pick a set of special cards from the same set of cards that they have to play. This allows each player to choose their favorite cards, but also allows for a bit more variety between each other.

Players use the cards they pick as they play their role in a way that fits the game they picked. But if you have never played this before, the rules are a bit different from normal party game play. For the first time in a party game, every player chooses what their turn is: you do not have to do something right away! You can be busy playing cards, or you can play a different one entirely, or you can just make a play for everyone else to do or not do.

All three players take turns getting a number of cards they are given equal to how many cards they have played. Then

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