How do you draw a truck for kids? – How Do You Draw Old Cars

I actually don’t draw the trucks in the cartoons, because I think the kids really like the original characters from the movies, and I don’t want my characters to be too close to reality in real life, so I don’t draw them. I like drawing the trucks in my own way without drawing them. Also when we started doing the animated show, I was doing my own drawing on the car, and the kids said, “Oh we have a lot of cars, why don’t we use them as animated characters?”

You can go through the entire season and not draw a single truck for the kids…

Yeah, but I don’t have any truck drawings. I don’t have any drawings for the kids. I’ve been drawing for years and years and the truck I always draw from the movies in my own personal way because I love the movies. I think the trucks have become a thing because of the movie. The kids love the movies, and we want to have something that they’ve come to look at and say “Look, it’s like that truck.” The thing that the truck was doing, it was making fun of the people around you. It was making fun of the stuff you do, and you know that everybody says “oh I’m going to be rich tomorrow” and it’s like that truck made fun of that, and it makes fun of, “Well, there are kids all around us and maybe they don’t care what you do, it’s like the truck is making fun of some other people.”

So you actually do draw some truck drawings, but those truck drawings are pretty vague, as is the TV show. What are your favorite memories on the set of the cartoon and the show?

Yeah, well it’s funny because we were doing the TV show and working on a lot of different projects on the day I quit the movie. It was almost a real whirlwind and we never really stopped even though it was a year. On one day we did all this stuff to do that it took us a really long time to do all that. So in my spare time I always get together with my mom so that we can watch the movies. I’ve been watching them since I was in the fourth grade, and the fact that I had that opportunity to watch all the movies and some of the television series as well made me a nerd. It was nice to have that opportunity, and I love the stuff, because the television show is a different thing, so I love the movie

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