How do you draw a crocodile? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Cartoon Pictures

The only thing I know is I’m not saying you have to take a picture with the first drawing you get, that’s not the point. What you need to do is go and do the first few drawings on paper and then make the next drawings on camera. You know why? It’s simple. You look at the picture on the wall and see the croc as a human being. It’s not the other way round. That’s the main thing and that’s why I use the medium of drawing. It’s the simplest thing you can do.

You’re the first person to draw the crocodile, who was he?

Well, he was some little animal like a horse with legs, it’s not the kind of animal you look at. That’s the only thing I know.

That’s the only creature I know? What was the animal and what did you draw?

The horse [laughs]. Well the croc was in the beginning of his evolution. He would make the croc, go and buy a horse, but the croc wasn’t a horse. I took a few more pictures of the croc later and he was a bit bigger. The problem was that the croc didn’t like to play with others and he wanted to stay with himself. So that’s when he got his big jaw. The funny thing was that he got into a competition which he lost. The crocodile had a competition with a guy and one of them tried to pick him up with this pole. I tried to go down there with a stick and grab the croc and they took a picture because they’re good friends and they saw me and saw the picture of the prize and they started laughing and got real angry. You’ll probably see the story in the next issue which is in the next issue and you’ll see the real story.

You’ve been asked before. Is this your first time?

Yeah, my first time was with a pencil and paper drawing. The guy, you remember, was kind of a big crocodile in the middle of a grassy area and the thing was getting bigger and bigger and, of course, you can’t draw in the grass, but they had me at my first time.

What was that like?

He has a lot of muscles and I knew I had to get a big arm because all the crocodiles in the world have very big arms. So I wanted something that would hold the arm so it was not a big claw

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