How do you draw a truck for kids? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instruction Kobo E-Reader

That’s what this guy did, and the final product looks really interesting! I like what he did – the truck was actually a real truck. All of the drawings were done on a standard 5″x5″ sheet of black-and-white paper. I actually cut out the trucks myself. I had several pieces of paper cut out at once to make the drawings for the truck.

The illustrations were drawn at home using a simple program, Adobe Illustrator. This was done with a little help from some friends over at Geeks Are Sexy:

I found the sketchbook that the drawings are stored in and just scanned it in – to save space. Then I converted it for the website and did the actual drawing. I created several PDF files for each vehicle and used Sketchup to add a bunch of physics information to the vehicles. The physics data is stored as a .STL file in the root of the model folder for easy storage.

The following images can be downloaded for free from the website:

The following images were also created using the same sketchbook, but there are additional images for the front and the back of each truck. The images in the middle are additional details for the truck, such as the tires, the steering wheel, etc.

And here she is, done at full speed!

There was also some additional detail created that weren’t intended for the website, such as the “nose” and the “fender”. I tried drawing this on my phone and it came out too thick, so I used it as a guide.

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