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I do it differently. I put on a lot of volume to make my hair look easier to hold in place than the typical style. First, I start from under the ear and go around the crown, from the roots toward the tip. From there I go from the base to the base, again going from under the nose to the tips, just like I always do. Then I add volume from the top towards the tips until I’m done.


How can we draw long hair? First, the hair should be thin and manageable. I start with my roots going toward my bangs, then from there it goes straight from the top back to where it started. I take a very short bob at the ends. To keep the natural curls at the top and back I like to use a thin, soft comb to comb them down from the root to the top of my hair. Then I use the style like I normally would do.

What do you think are the best tips for making your favorite hairstyles? I try to make my style look natural. I draw the hair down the center instead of a long bob going down towards the ends. That way it’s easy to work with in the future.

It was a long road from the moment that a small, white van pulled up in the parking lot of my high school. It was an old van, a few feet long and four feet wide. I didn’t want to admit it as I looked back, just out of respect, to see the faces of the family members of its driver as he pulled out of the parking lot. I never saw my family, and I think maybe they would’ve felt the same had they seen me in that tiny white van. My dad didn’t understand what I was trying to tell him or why he was so upset.

Over the next few years, I came to know a lot of them through many conversations after the event or through some of the memories of those we met. Some had moved away to attend college or university. I know the family well. They were the ones that invited me to my first concert and my first dance in college. They were the ones that made me feel at home with my peers. They were the people I thought would always be there with me and that I could always count on.
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Even those who weren’t at school that day remembered the van; the people that had gone past the gate and who were just driving by. They knew what was happening and they were shocked and

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