How do you draw a Mustang? – Learn Car Designing

How do you draw a Mustang? My style is, in a sense, a hybrid of both. In the old days, you could just go to a paint shop in Texas and get the type of paint you liked. I like to go into an existing model, do a little touch up, then do some work to the outside. I try to look at things like a “real life” car.

Do you find them all look alike?

Yes, all that’s left to decide is what kind of body work to do, if you want to make the “villa” look a home, or if you want to make something look like something else.

What does being a race car enthusiast ever get you?

There’s one very specific car, in particular, that I have come to love. I would say the Ford GT, in my opinion, is the best race car in the world. The fact that you can take your time and you don’t have to rush, it’s great. It’s hard to beat, in my opinion.

Ford GT. It’s a lot easier to tell it apart now in terms of color schemes than it was back in the ’90’s.

If you could ever race in a Ford GT, who would you race?

I love it. I’d probably race an SRT Viper, a Vantage, a Shelby GT500—any of the classic GTs I’ve looked at.

You have just celebrated 35 years in motorsports. What does that mean to you?

It makes me appreciate the game a whole lot more, but it also makes me learn something very, very much.

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