What do I draw when I’m bored? – How To Draw A Cool Race Car Step By Step

Aww, and I am bored with this one as well. I mean, there are lots of boring things to draw and I just made this one.

Do I draw with pencils, ink, etc.?

Yes. I use most of the same pencils as I use for all of my comics. Most are at least a little bit different from your typical pencil. And then there are colors to mix in some. I also use markers and some paint brushes for some of these.

How many comics have you done?

I’ve done maybe half of them. I had this plan of doing like ten or twenty comics, then I started with some stuff I really liked, and then I stopped, I started over and that’s how I ended up doing about twenty comics, including the last one which was a one-shot. So now I’m in about twenty.

In which ones did you draw them?

I’m always on vacation, I don’t know. But I always have this plan of putting together a couple or three comics in a month.

I don’t want to spoil anything but what are your favorite characters in your comics and why?

My favorite character is obviously Superman and I don’t just like them – I know that sounds odd I know – but I know where every one of them is.

I like everything else, but the characters that I like are usually a little bit different, I guess. I like Lois Lane and Clark Kent and a couple other ones.

I love the Superman stories.

I really think they’re the best.

What about other heroes? Why?

I don’t like them. They remind me too much of my parents – I like a good fight. I like a good story. I just like superheroes and those characters as a good idea and a good idea doesn’t usually have to look much further than it has. Like the last couple comics were just based around super-heroes to me. So I’d say other than Superman, not necessarily, but Superman I would say the most popular.

Why is Superman so popular?

The comic I always got asked that was that he saved me and the other guy in another comic in which I was fighting a giant green gorilla is called The Superman Adventures #1. And it’s one of the first ones I got asked about. I don’t know what happened then, but it was great fun seeing a man in a gorilla

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