Did Tesla get free energy? – Helmholtz Free Energy Equation And Reversibility Test

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Yes, in a very strange way. Tesla became so famous for his brilliant ideas that his name was used in a very short list of the best inventions, and the company he founded received $10 billion from its first investors. He had more cash, a much larger business, and more power than even Edison.

So, what did Tesla get out of all of this? The short answer is, nothing.

Tesla’s primary purpose was to create a means by which the world could be powered and electrified by a relatively inexpensive source of energy such as solar power. All he needed to do was set up a business that would create a very expensive storage system, one that used the same power that an atomic bomb uses to destroy a target with enough power to run the world for a full day. That was his ultimate purpose: to make it possible to use the power of the sun to power the world. After all, the power from the sun would be cheap, and a storage battery for it would be a lot cheaper than anything currently existing. That’s the basic idea behind his business, and it was to be a primary driver of power for the entire world.

Because Tesla wanted to use his invention to revolutionize everything from transportation to electricity, he got a monopoly. He had the right to sell his energy storage technology wherever he wanted to, and he had the right to do it through companies that would build the necessary factories to make it. In fact, he had the right to sell this device to anyone who would build and sell it, with some restrictions: Tesla could not sell it in any other form, and he could not sell it for more than the current price of electricity. In the U.S., it was very much in the spirit of The Edison Electric Company (a name that is synonymous with Tesla’s inventions and the way they were viewed), but the company did not know it at the time the rest of the world did. This wasn’t an isolated instance, but rather a standard operating procedure for most people. It became what is known as a monopoly, or something similar to it. This means that the inventor/producer/seller of electricity can only sell a limited number of watts, which is only available to those that own the right to put the energy storage device together and build the device. If the company decides to sell it at a more normal price, or if they decide to sell it for a more reasonable amount of money, they’re free to sell it, since there is no monopoly

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