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If, you know, it doesn’t work, then how are you supposed to do the work? Well, I guess there are two ways:

1. Try it on a small scale: buy a small energy generator and give it a try to see if it will work for you or not. If you discover that it will work and you want to keep it as a spare for your next trip, then you should try to find a small shop that will sell one too.

2. Sell the generator or try to repair it yourself instead. But be careful with that, because once you try to sell something, all the other potential buyers will try to sell you something that can do the same trick, except it will cost more.

Ok, I know what I am going to do, I am going to sell a generator. Here’s the problem:

The market is flooded with generators.

Every time you are able to find one for sale, you get even more offers with higher and higher prices.

If you were to sell a generator but try to do it yourself, then nobody would be able to buy it but you. It will all work or it won’t.

All of this is bad for any inventor, no matter what.

The Solution

Now you have an idea of how to do this “simple” but not cheap project. If you want to sell the generator you have, then you first have to do some research.

The first place I suggest you visit is:

So, you will find a huge number of guides (in English) that will help you to know about the different options available. You will find guides for everything from converting an old TV into an efficient generator, to finding a small shop that will sell your generator for a small profit.

Here’s a link to an example for you:

Calculating the equilibrium constant from the standard ...
The site is huge so bear with me. If you think what is the best generator for your use you will find a lot of good generators. The best generator for me is an “analog” one. Here is a link that describes the best generator we have been selling for over 10 years now:

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